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About Me:

  Welcome to R J Engineered Solutions’ web site. RJES has grown from what started out as a personal project. However, it soon became clear that there were a lot of people out there who were very interested in what I was doing, and some started to enquire about whether they could buy some of the parts I was making for my own projects. This lead to my products being developed to the next level, allowing them to go into production in larger quantities.

  I have a Masters Degree in Engineering Design, and have worked for over ten years as a design engineer for JCB Excavators, the major UK construction, agricultural, and industrial machinery manufacturer. I worked on the design and development of a wide range of parts for the Fastrac high speed tractor product range, and also was involved with CAD and PLM system development.

  As a long time VW modifier, I like to develop my own products - particularly if unimpressed by what (if anything) is already available to do the job. All our products are intended to be as close as possible to something a high volume vehicle manufacturer would make. High quality materials are used throughout, and many processes typically only used in higher volume production are used.

  Another particular interest is looking at processes which are only usually practical for use in much higher volume manufacturing, and finding ways of making then more practical for lower volume use. This typically involves finding cheaper ways of making the tooling that are usually used, without compromising the quality of the end product.


About RJ Engineered Solutions:

  All RJES components are manufactured in the UK. All our products are designed as a system, and each is designed to fit as wide a range of different models as possible. This makes batch production and the use of better processes and production fixturing possible, which in turn allows our products to be much closer to the specification and quality of those used on production cars. Producing products which are as close as possible to OEM manufacturer quality is one of our main objectives, and we believe this gives our products the edge over those of our competitors.

   All our products go through a proper engineering development process before they are made available, often with multiple prototypes having been built and tried before settling on a production design. Each finished design is then tested and trial fitted on a number of different vehicles (where possible) to make sure they both work properly and fit as well as an OEM part before being offered for sale.

   Almost without exception, our products have been designed and developed by us, so it’s fair to say we know almost everything about them, and offer very comprehensive product support. You will find a great deal of product information on this site, and if this doesn’t answer your question, then help is only a prone call away.
   We believe we have the best products support available in the UK Subaru conversion industry, and do our best to keep all products shown on our site in stock (unless they specifically say ‘to order only’).

   A few of our products are made by modifying existing components. These are clearly identified, and we modify your own original component where possible, rather than offering an exchange service. This means you know exactly what standard of component you will get back, and these can usually be turned around within a week, or much more quickly as long as we have prior notice.

   We have sold out products to various countries around the world, with Australia being the 2nd biggest market outside the UK. The US would probably be the biggest non UK market if it were not for the exchange rates over the last couple of years.

   You may have seen other UK companies offering ‘products’ for Subaru engine conversions, but will have probably noticed a distinct lack of photographs and information about these products. This appears to be because the sellers don’t actually manufacture any products of their own, but instead import some, and make the large majority to order, based on an individual client’s vehicles. For this kind of product, be aware that every one is likely to effectively be an untested prototype, and as such will almost certainly not be available off the shelf, and will not be made using repeatable processes.

   There are other web sites out there which claim to be the definitive source of information about Subaru powered VW’s, etc. However, has been developed from scratch with the intention of becoming the most detailed. Check out the others - we doubt you will find any with anywhere near as much in depth information about what does and does not work, which parts, engines, etc. are / were available where and when, and how to choose the best parts for your requirements. We currently have over 160 pages of information, and this will continue to grow. Alternatively, if you don’t want to get into the fine details if what combinations of parts to source, you may be interested to get in touch with one of our Approved Installers, and have them source all the parts and carry out your conversion for you.

   We do not install conversions for customers or source engines for them, as all our time is taken up developing new products. However, our Approved Installers can fit a conversion for you, and we can put you in touch with companies who can supply all the Subaru components you require wihout you having to dismantle a Subaru yourself (see Useful Links).


  Richard Jones, 2008



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 Inventors of the Subaru - VW conversion bell housing using Subaru flywheel, clutch and starter

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