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More approved installers wanted:

   Are you interested in installing Subaru conversions for customers using RJES components? If so, and you:

  • work to a high standard
  • have a good understanding of modern engine technology
  • are innovative and happy to solve any problems which may come along on more unusual projects
  • have a good knowledge of rear engined VW’s
  • are already an established, specialist company, either in the VW or classic / custom / kit car business
  • won’t let a project out of your workshop until you are happy it is done to the highest standard!
  • are in the Midlands or North of England, although all other areas considered

.....then please get in touch, and send some pictures showing the kind of standard of work you do. We are intersted in finding a small number of additional installation specialists who will carry out conversions exclusively using a majority of components from RJES. In return you will get:

  • discounted parts
  • exceptional product support
  • referrals from potential customers who contact us
  • free advertising on, including a few pages of pictures of pictures of conversions you have installed, if required
  • lots more work!

   Alternatively, if you are in or very near North Staffordshire, we will come and install the engine management / wiring parts for you if you prefer.

   Note - exclusively using wiring harnesses converted by RJES is a requirement for official installers, as we otherwise have no way of controlling the quality of the wiring work. There are some VW conversions out there in which the wiring has been done to a truely awful standard, and anything other than top quality harness conversion is unacceptable to us. Using our converted harnesses ensures consistancy between different approved installations, and that any problems can be diagnosed, etc. For instance, we recently diagnosed a faulty engine management component on the Ultra VW feature conversion via the telephone, and sent out the replacement component within a couple of days.

 Inventors of the Subaru - VW conversion bell housing using Subaru flywheel, clutch and starter

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