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Bay Engine Mounts

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There are two different way that engines are mounted in Bay Window buses. All have a mount bar at the rear, which is replaced by our Bay window engine mount crossmembers kit when installing a Subaru engine. Staring in approximately the 1972 model year there is also an additional engine mounting point above the bell housing, which requires some extra parts.


Bay Window Bus Engine Mount Crossmember Kit - all model years


  The Bay Window bus Subaru engine mount crossmember kit consists of three parts - the main crossmember fabrication and a bracket for each end which weld to the chassis rails. The chassis rails have no flat faces where the new engine crossmember joins, which makes a neat ‘bolt on’ design impractical. No modificatios to the chassis rails are needed other than to clean the paint off ready for welding.


Bay Window Bus Upper Bell Housing Mount Kit - approx 1972 - 1979

   This kit is required to mount a Subaru engine in a late (approx 1972 - 1979) Bay as VW intended - i.e. with the additional rubber mounts which these models have above the bell housing. It is used with, rather than instead of the


   The rubber mounts are housed in an additional cross member in the chassis in late bays, and this takes up space required for the Subaru bell housing. The parts in this kit allow the chassis to be clearanced and re-strengthened, and relocates the RH rubber mount to clear the starter motor. It includes throttle cable holes for as straight a run of cable as is possible, including when used with a throttle body reverser (required in bays with pre 2000 model Subaru engines).

Pre '72(approx) Bay

Pre '72(approx) Bay

Post '72(approx) Bay

Post '72(approx) Bay

Bell Housing Rubber Mounts

Bell Housing Rubber Mounts

Kit Partially Installed

Kit Partially Installed

   This kit must be used with the ‘direct drive’ type starter motor, as used from about 1998 on some models, and from aboy 2000 on all, as these starters are more compact. See ‘Starter Motors’ for more info on Subaru starter motor types.

   This kit requires cutting and welding of the additional chassis cross member used in late bays.


Subaru Turbo Engines in Bays

   Note, the turbocharger on a Subaru engine is positioned roughly opposite the starter motor, but takes up far more space. Fitting a Subaru turbo engine into a bay will require some fairly major bodywork surgery, incluring moving the petrol tank. A much neater solution would be to move the turbo.

 Inventors of the Subaru - VW conversion bell housing using Subaru flywheel, clutch and starter

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