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Bellhousing Installation

Installing an RJES Bellhousing:

   After removing the engine and transaxle from your VW, work can start on installing the new parts. You may want to consider swapping to a 2 litre ‘091’ transaxle if you are converting a sub 2 litre Bay window bus, as they are considerably stronger then the sub 2 litre transaxles. For this reason, the ‘091’ is also the transaxle of choice if you are looking to convert a Beetle.
   The 091 transaxle is easily identified, as it is the only one which features six wide ribs across the top of the casing, above the differential

VW Bellhousing Removal:

   Following cleaning around the join, the VW bellhousing is removed by undoing the 10 M8 bolts which attach it to the transaxle casing. The bellhousing isaligned by two dowels (arrowed, below). Note the very large differential, and the hypoid ring and pinion- two of the reasons why bus transaxles are so much stronger then Beetle ones :


RJES Bellhousing Installation

Various parts are swapped over from the VW bellhousing, including the clutch release cross shaft, and oil seal scroll, and it is installed onto the transaxle. The job is mostly ‘bolt on’ for the naturally aspirated ‘push to release’ clutch. For the turbo ‘pull to release’ clutch, the cross shaft is replaced with a modified one, supplied in the kit. The modified shaft is made from a standard VW shaft, so they are an exchange item in the kit. There is a surcharge applicable on the shafts, refundable on the supply of your old shaft :


Subaru Engine Preparation:

The Subaru engine is prepared by swapping the pilot bearing, and installing the clutch components. If you are using an engine from an automatic Subaru, you will also need to convert the engine to manual specification:



Installing the Clutch Release Components

The RJES Bellhousings for ‘push to release’ clutches from naturally aspirated Subaru’s accept standard VW clutch release components, whether hydraulic or cable operated. The bellhousings for ‘pull to release’ clutches from turbo Subaru’s only work with a hydraulic clutch, and use a standard T25 hydraulic slave cylinder. New brackets are included, as the slave cylinder is positioned differently.


Joining the Engine and Transaxle:

The Subaru engine is joined to the transaxle with all of it’s original fasteners, regardless of whether the engine is a Phase I (pre ‘2000), or a Phase II (post 2000) model


The above is a concise version of the bellhousing kit instructions, which are supplied on a CD as an HTML file, and are in a ‘Haynes manual’ type format. They are very detailed, and clicking each paragraph number pops up a high resolution photo. All the photo’s above show the bellhousing kit to suit a ‘push to release’ clutch from a naturally aspirated Subaru.

 Inventors of the Subaru - VW conversion bell housing using Subaru flywheel, clutch and starter

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