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  RJES conversion bellhousings use a hybrid clutch, with a mixture of VW and Subaru components. All of the components are standard production car parts, so are readily available. However, some of the components (especially the VW ones) can be very difficult to get as individual components. They are only usually sold as part of a clutch kit. However, we can supply a clutch kit to suit the conversion, so you don’t have to buy complete kits just for some of the components.
  Each kit contains the pressure plate, disc and release bearing. The clutch discs and pressure plates are high quality remanufactured parts, and the bearings are new aftermarket parts.

228mm VW Clutch Disc:

   The 228mm VW clutch disc needed for use with a Subaru clutch is very difficult to get without buying a complete clutch kit. All the major clutch suppliers do not stock the disc as a single component in the UK, so we get them from a VW OEM supplier in Germany





Naturally Aspirated Clutch Kit:

  This kit is based on the naturally aspirated Subaru clutch, as used on the EJ22 Legacy engines. It will fit any Subaru engine with a 225 or 230mm single mass nat asp / push to release flywheel, from an EJ15 up, and must be used with the RJES Naturally Aspirated Bellhousing Kit.
  If you have 150 bhp or more, or intend to drive your conversion hard, you ought to consider using a turbo clutch (see below). Note that this will mean you’ll also need an RJES Turbo Clutch Bellhousing Kit, although a Naturally Aspirated Clutch bellhousing can be converted to turbo spec later if you fit a N/A clutch, and find you want to upgrade later.

Turbo Clutch Kit:

  This kit is based on the 225mm Subaru Turbo clutch, as used in EJ20 Turbo Impreza WRX’s. It will fit any Subaru engine with a single mass turbo / pull to release flywheel except the 2001 on STi, and must be used with an RJES Turbo Clutch Bellhousing kit (or a naturally aspirated clutch kit which had been converted to turbo spec).
  Two versions of this kit are available:

          225mm Turbo Clutch Kit with VW Disc:            225mm Turbo clutch Kit with Subaru Disc:

   turbo_clutch_vw_disc turbo_clutch_suberu_disc

  One has a disc with the VW spline, for use with a standard VW gearbox input shaft, and the other comes with a standard Subaru disc for use with our Subaru splined gearbox input shaft (see below).
  There is no doubt that the torsional vibration damper in the Subaru disc is designed to handle higher torques than the VW one (compare the sizes of the springs in the above photo’s - the Subaru ones are also dual). As far as we are aware, nobody has broken the torsional vibration damper assembly in a VW disc. However, it is very likely that the VW damper would spend a lot of it’s time with the springs fully compressed in a turbo application. While the springs are fully compressed, the damper becomes ineffective.
  If your engine is at the lower end of the Subaru turbo power output range, and you intend to drive it normally, then the VW clutch disc should be adequate. If you have a higher powered engine, or intend to drag race, or otherwise give the clutch a hard time, you should consider upgrading the input shaft to our Subaru splined one (see below), and using either a standard or uprated Subaru clutch disc. Subaru clutches are available off the shelf for 600 bhp plus.


Subaru Splined Gearbox Input Shaft Kit:

   The Subaru splined input shaft is an option for any RJES bell housing kit, and allows the use of the entire Subaru clutch kit. The intended use of the product is drag racers, or other applications where it is useful to have a huge range of off the shelp racing clutches readily available.
   Another application would be where a clutch is used which had no VW splined disc available off the shelf, such as the unique dual mass flywheel clutch used from MY00 - MY02.
   The kit includes all parts to convert a gearbox with an RJES naturally aspirated or turbo bell housing kit. It is not suitable for use with a VW bell housing, alsthough this could be achieved by machining the bell housing.

 Inventors of the Subaru - VW conversion bell housing using Subaru flywheel, clutch and starter

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