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Coolant Plumbing Kits

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   Our Subaru plumbing kits suit any rear engined conversion where the radiator is to be used with a radiator which is mounted in front of the engine. The kits consist of moulded rubber hoses, a heater bypass adaptor (“ H piece”), all hose clips in stainless steel, and header tank brackets where required. Basically everything you need to complete the plumbing for each conversion specification.

   They are the ideal finishing touch to a neat installation, as nothing gives the game away to the uninitiated that the engine was not installed by VW more than flexible hoses, or hoses made from joining many parts of hoses from other cars. They also minimise the number of hose joins and therefore the chances of having a leak due to a hose clip not being tightened properly.
   The hoses are custom moulded for Subaru engines in VW’s using the R J Engineered Solutions coolant circuit, which is both well proven and easy to fill / bleed, not some hose from another car which ‘kind of’ fits. They are made from the correct grade of reinforced EPDM rubber for automotive coolant use.
   All the hose kits shown below are designed to use an RJES reversed coolant outlet manifold . The price of the plumbing kit includes reversal of your own coolant manifold. This usually takes up to 10 days, but can be done quicker if you need one ASAP by prior arrangement.


Naturally Aspirated T25 Plumbing Kit


   This kit uses the standard header tank* and expansion bottle form a water cooled petrol T25, and an RJES reversed coolant manifold. The expansion bottle remains in it’s standard location so it can be topped up through the number plate hatch, and the header tank is relocated to the front RH corner of the engine bay using the bracket provided to keep the plumbing as short and neat as possible. The expansion bottle and header tank are not included in the kit, as most will already have them. Retaining the VW header tank both keeps the costs down, and allows you to retain the VW low coolant level warning system. All Subaru engine harnesses done by RJES to ‘plug and play’ spec include the wiring for the low coolant warning system.


   The reversed coolant manifold to header tank hose is supplied with it’s vertical section long to suit Syncro’s, which have their engines mounted lower. It is designed so it can be shortened to fit a 2WD neatly, by cutting where the red dashed line is in the above photo. Find the exact position for the cut by trial fit.

    Note: Header Tank Typessmall_top_hoselarge_top_hose02
        The header tanks which the naturally aspirated plumbing kit fits is the one which uses a 16mm bore upper hose, as used on 1984 - 1990 petrol wasserboxer engined T25’s.
        The header tanks for a 25mm bore upper hose (which are otherwise identical), are not suitable. They are used on used on 1983 - ‘84 petrol wasserboxer engined T25’s, and most diesels:



  All components from the coolant plumbing kits are available individually, but it is better value to buy the complete kit.

  The moulded hoses are designed for T25’s with the header tank relocated to the front RH corner of the engine bay (naturally aspirated). They may also be of use in other bus applications. If you are mounting components in positions other than those shown in our coolant circuit, sorry we can’t advise as to whether our hoses will fit. they fit our circuit layout very well, but you’ll have to make your own mind up as to whether they will be of use if you choose to locate parts differently.

Hose Material - The coolant hoses are made from glass fibre reinforced EPDM runner. There is no visible layer of cloth reinforcement, as the glass is evenly distributed throughout the rubber.

 Inventors of the Subaru - VW conversion bell housing using Subaru flywheel, clutch and starter

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