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General Schematic


   Click the image below to open a pdf version of the R J Engineered Solutions recommended cooling system design for Subaru conversions. It’s based on a T25 installation, but the principles can be applied to any other conversion.
    No additional bleed points are needed to remove air from the system, and no unusual techniques are needed fo filll the system with coolant. The requirements for both of these for some other coolant corcuits on the internet are direct results of poor cooling system design.
   Thanks to Tom Shiels for his advice and help when designing this circuit. It is intended for (and tested in) climates in which the ambient temperature does not get too cold (i.e. only occasionally below 0 degrees C, and very rarely, if ever, below -10). If you live in a climate colder than this, you’d be well advised to visit Tom’s excellent web site., as there are some special requirements for cooling system design in such temperature, and Tom has dome some excellent research into how to a silution, and sells the parts required.

cooling circuit small02

   For T25 installations, in which the top of the radiator is a natural air trap in the system, and is above the height of the header tank cap, there is a simple trick which allows the system to be filled without having to resort to tilting the vehicle (by driving up a slope, etc) so the filler cap is higher than the top of the radiator, allowing gravity to remove trapped air via the radiator bleed screw. See T25 Filling Procedure for the recomended process for filling T25’s.

 Inventors of the Subaru - VW conversion bell housing using Subaru flywheel, clutch and starter

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