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The idea behind the ‘Information’ section of, and how to use it

   In the past there has been no single source of information which gives an overview of what is involved in converting VW’s to Subaru power, and more detailed information about what combinations of parts work and which don’t, etc. There has always been lots of good information available, but an awful lot of it is contained in web forums, meaning many hours of researsh are required before you even start to get your head around what is involved. Many of those who install the conversions have kept the finer details of how they do so to themselves. This can do nothing but put off or confuse potentially interested VW owners, and here at RJES we intend to de-mystify the process.
   Installing a Subaru engine is not rocket science, or some kind of black art. In fact, in some cases, it is extremely easy, and is well within the capability of a lot of VW owners who do their own maintenance.
   Our intention is to solve the above problems by providing lots of information. Others may copy the format of or terminology of sections of, but look beyond the first couple of pages - there is little or no info. There are currently over 160 pages of information on Subaru conversions on, and this will continue to grow. The site is entirely developed in house, and is very likely to remain so, allowing new products and info to be easily added

   The Information section of the site is arranged into four sections:

Conversion Overview - a brief section on what is involved in a Subaru conversion. This section assumes no prior knowledge.

Conversion Details - an in depth section including how to identify the right parts, etc. This section will be of more interest to those readers who are either doing a conversion or sourcing all the parts themselves. It gets quite technical and assumes a basic knowledge of what is involved in a conversion.

FAQ’s - hopefully answers all frequently asked questions

Conversion Pictures - gives you an insight into what conversions others have done, what it all looks like when complete, and how they did it.

   If you have any suggestions on how to improve the information section of the site, please e-mail them to us. Thanks.


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 Inventors of the Subaru - VW conversion bell housing using Subaru flywheel, clutch and starter

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