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Manifold Spacers

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   Manifold spacers can be of use to lift the induction manifold on MY00 --> engines either to make it fit more easily when reversed, or to create more space underneath it. Particular instances where manifold spacers may be of used are as follows:


  • Reversed induction manifolds fit back on to the engine without fouling on anything themselves, however, there are a great deal of different fuel rail designs, some of which foul on the coolant outlet manifold.
  • Turbo engines have more coolant plumbing under the induction manifold, increasing the chances of something fouling if the induction manifold is reversed.
  • On engines with variable valve timing the fuel rails are specially shaped to clear the timing actuator valves, preventing the induction manifold from being reversed inless it is raised slightly.
  • The coolant manifold on MY02 --> engines is of a new design which can not be reversed. However, a reversed manifold from an earlier engine can be fitted, but the imduction manifold will need raising slightly to make room.

   Manifold spacers are water jet cut from aluminium plate (to order), and can be made a a variety of thicknesses up to 25mm.

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