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   We’re investigating the Megasquirt aftermarket mappable ECU’s for use on Subaru engines. This has a number of potential benefits for Subaru conversions, especially when combined with our plans to make the ECU’s available with a harness, ready mapped for common engine configurations - i.e. ‘plug and play’. If you’ve not heard of Megasquirt ECU’s before, then see the brief FAQ’s below.

  Some advantages which a ‘plug and play’ Megasquirt ECU system could provide for a Subaru conversion are:

  • No wiring work to be done
  • No need to buy / remove anything but the engine from a Subaru
  • Possible cost saving - especially on late model engines. The Megasquirt ECU and harness may well cost less than a breaker’s would want for the Subaru ECU and harness
  • No factory fitted immobilisers to worry about
  • The ability to have the ECU mapped yourself to suit your application - ideal for modified engines
  • The ability to tweak the settings yourself - if you know what you are doing!
  • The ability to have ‘street’ / economy and ‘race’ / full power maps available at the flick of a switch.
  • Custom ECU’s can be built to order should any Subaru specific circuit or software mods be required.
  • Suitable for just about any engine configuration, including naturally aspirated, turbocharged, supercharged, nitrous injected, etc.

   Currently under investigation is how to provide a Megasquirt compatible crank position signal to the ECU, as Subaru use a complex system which is not compatible. The intention is for the installation to look totally factory fitted

   If you would be interested in Megasquirt Subaru conversions, then please contact us. If there is enough interest, it may jump up the priority list! The intention is that a mapped Megasquirt V3 could be supplied with a Subaru harness for about the cost of a ‘brand name’ base model ECU with no map or harness.


   The Megasquirt V3 ECU:


What’s Megasquirt?
   For those not familiar with Megasquirt, it’s an open format / DIY engine management system which has been developed by many people via internet forums over the last few years. It provides fully mapped fuelling and ignition Don’t be put off by the ‘DIY’ bit, as fully built and tested ECU’s are now available ‘off the shelf’. The system started out very basic, but much development later, the latest V3 version is now so advanced as to be a serious competitor to ‘brand name’ mappable ECU’s. The V3 features all the functionality of some fairly advances brand name ECU’s, such as mappable cold start enrichment, knock sensing, closed loop lambda, two switchable maps, etc.

Why use Megasquirt not a ‘brand name’ ECU?
   Cost! a top spec Megasquirt ECU costs about 40% of the cost of a basic spec brand name ECU, and is probably higher spec. If you’re into a bit of electronics, then buy the kit, build it yourself, and get a mappable ECU for probably around 10 % of the cost of a brand name product!

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