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MY00-07 Immobiliser

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Cryptographic Transponder Key Immobiliser System Details:

Components and their Locations:
  Subaru’s with the cryptographic transponder key immobilisers (MY00 - MY07) have a antenna in a circular black moulding around the ignition barrel. The antenna is the black ring at the top of the photom below, and has two wires connecting the antenna to the immobiliser ECU (the black box at the bottom of the photo below). Some more recent models have a clear moulding which is illuminated by a bulb to show there the lock is. Ignore the bulb, which is removable. The wires to the antenna are not removable. The immobiliser ECU has two plugs - a 2 pin one for the antenna and a 12 pin one. The immobiliser ECU is made Mitsubishi, and is mounted either on the steering colomn or high up under the dash, near the centre of the car (earlier models). More recent UK spec models may have a tamer proof steel box welded to the steering column with the immobiliser ECU inside.  transponder

   If you are unsure whether your Subaru has a transponder key immobiliser or not, take the cowling off the steering column and remove the ignition switch from the back of the barrel (one screw), and start the car by turning the switch with a screwdriver, with the keys nowhere near the car. If it starts and runs happily, then if definitely does not have a transponder key. If it starts and runs briefly, but then stops, it has a transponder key.







Key Types:
   You can tell by looking at some types of Subaru key whether the car has a transponder key system, as you can see a cover over the transponder chip. However, this is not reliable, as you can’t tell what thpe of immobiliser is fitted (earlier fixed code transponder keys looked the same) , and some keys have to be dismantled before you can tell whether they have an transponder.
   The following photo's show three types of keys that Subaru have used between MY00 and MY07 here in the UK. There are more types too, especially in other markets. All have the right type of transponder chip in them, as long as they are from a car between these dates:

No Buttons:
   There seem to be two types of these keys. Both have a transponder chip behind the small cover next to the blade, visible below. However, both appear either the same or very similar to the keys from MY96 - MY99 too, so it is not possible to tell whether they have a fixed code or a cryptographic transponder chip inside them:



1 Button:
   This type of key with one button is from a UK spec car, and will have a cryptographic transponder chip inside it, but it can’t be seen without dismantling the key:


2 Button:
   This type of key with two buttons is from a non UK spec car, and will have a cryptographic transponder chip inside it if it is from a market and model which had a transponder key immobiliser fitted:



Using the Transponder k|ey Immobiliser system to Immobilise your VW:
   If you are thinking of using the Subaru immobiliser to immobilisr your VE (as opposed to jest using it to make the engine run, please read Using the Transponder k|ey Immobiliser system to Immobilise your VW before doing so.
   Also DO NOT extend the wire between the antenna and the immobiliser ECU, as doing so is likely to reduce the reliability of the system, or to stop it working all together.

 Inventors of the Subaru - VW conversion bell housing using Subaru flywheel, clutch and starter

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