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Site last updated on 15/08/08

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14/08/08 - RJES.COM V2.00 Lots of minor tweaks and bits of new info:

First site update to be edited in NOF V10


15/04/08 - RJES.COM V1.11 - Another large (and long overdue!) site update, with the site navigation totally revised, and lots more new products and information, including the following:

/10/06 - RJES.COM V1.10 - The biggest update to so far, the emphasis of this update is to make the site easier to use, get rid of faults and empty pages, and update with new info. The changes include:

  • Navigation menus reconfigured throughout entire site to make it easier to see where you are in the site and to stop them expanding right across the page
  • Site restructured to make it more logical - previously it had evolved randomly!
  • Picture Galleries fixed, at last????
  • Throttle Cables page fixed - previously blank
  • Sumps Page updated
  • Exhausts Page - details of forthcoming cast manifolds added
  • Shows Page updated
  • Bellhousing vs Adaptor Plate FAQ’s added
  • Exchange options removed on parts needing modifying / converting
  • Harness Building - RJES now do Subaru harness work
  • Congratulations to Ian Huggan - currently the fastest RJES customer, running 11.23 sec 1/4 miles in his drag Beetle, ‘The Dark Side’, with quicker to come in 2007 by the sound of things.....
  • Subaru diesel engine update. There’s good news about Subaru’s forthcoming diesel.....
  • Flywheel Types page updated - new section on how to identify 1990-92 EJ18 carburettor flywheels added
  • Induction Manifold Reversal kit page added
  • Cooling System additional information added

08/06/06 - RJES.COM V1.09 - More Updates, Including:

  • Fuel pump page added
  • Links page updated, including Volkstorque, Stoke / Staffs V Dub Club,
  • Subaru Parts Removal Guides page added - detailed guides to what you do and do not need to get from your donor Subaru for VW conversions. Essential reading if you are removing your own parts fron a donor Subaru, but are unsure which parts you need.
  • What to ask when ‘mail ordering’ an engine (see Parts Required for a Conversion page). Get everything you need to avoid the hassle and delays of having to chase little bits and pieces later.


20/05/06 - RJES.COM V1.08 - More updates, including:

  • Links added, including 2.5 RS powered 1302
  • Bellhousing vs Adaptor Plate page added
  • Photo’s of customer’s 340 bhp EJ20 Turbo powered, stock looking Fiat 500 added!
  • Bellhousing FAQ page updated
  • New ‘Shows’ page added. Which shows we were / will be at, including photo’s and info from each
  • Sponshorship needed? Building a high tech Subaru powered VWDRC car?
  • New ‘Thermostats’ page added - why you should only use genuine Subaru thermostats


16/04/06 - RJES.COM V1.07 - More updates, including:


26/03/06 - RJES.COM V1.06 - More updates, Including:


27/01/06 - RJES.COM V1.05 - Various updates, including:

  • Bellhousing batch - latest info from the machinist’s suggests that the bellhousings will be available mid March. Apologies for the delay- they are really busy, and our small orders have to join the queue along with all their major customers. Unfortunately, it’s out of my control.
  • Meta tags and descriptions, etc added to all pages - maybe the search engines will find us from any relevant searches now. Previously omitted due to my web design ignorance!
  • Misc for sale items which have sold removed
  • More details of exactly which clutch release dross shafts are acceptable as exchange for turbo bellhousing kits added, or more specifically, which are NOT suitable.
  • Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS) - information page added, much more comprehensive than before.
  • Turbo clutch bellhousing kit pictures added.
  • Having finally got hold of a 240mm STi flywheel and clutch assembly, we should soon be able to confirm whether or not these massive clutches (as used on 2002 --> STi models) are compatible with RJES turbo clutch bellhousing kits, and if so what combination of clutch components (if any!) are available to make it all work in a VW. Picture of the STi 240mm flywheel added.
  • Details of laser cutting and zinc plating services added
  • Payment details amended to show preferred methods
  • New section on used Subaru component suppliers added to links page
  • Photo’s of a customer’s hydraulic bay window clutch master cylinder for a turbo clutch added


04/01/06 - RJES.COM V1.04 - Various updates, including:


13/11/05 - RJES.COM V1.03 - Various website tweaks:

  • Attempts to fix faulty picture galleries continue. It seems to be a software bug....
  • Various pages tidied up
  • Starter motor details added
  • More links added
  • Basic info added to previously blank pages
  • Various bits & pieces added to ‘misc. for sale’ page, including Legacy Turbo Estate, and Golf 4 GTi Recaro’s.


09/11/05 - RJES.COM V1.02 - Many improvements to web site, including:

  • More customer’s conversion pictures added,
  • Cooing system circuit and information added
  • Flywheel information page added
  • Coolant Manifold Exchange details added
  • Miscellaneous For Sale / Wanted page added - some items Subaru conversion related , some not.
  • More links added, and put into groups


03/11/05 - Web Site Finally On Line - RJES.COM V1.01!
   After two years of collecting information as I have developed the products on this site, I have finally got something on line. Thanks to everyone who has helped with the development of both the parts and the site.. The intention for the site is for it to become the ultimate resource for technical information on the details of installing Subaru engines into VW’s. There’s a long way to go yet to get there, but this is a start.
   The emphasis will be on well engineered, proven solutions to the problems surrounding Subaru engine conversions. If you have such information on any aspect of the conversions, either on your web site, or on paper, which you want publishing), please contact us. We maybe interested in either adding it to the site, with a ‘Thanks to XXXXXX’ note, or linking to it.
   I think I have put links on the links page everyone I’ve been in contact with who has a relevant web site. I’ I’ve missed you out, or you would like a (relevant) link on out page, please e-mail. Thanks

03/11/05 - Bellhousings temporarily out of stock soon.
    Due to the large demand since Vanfest, and the small initial batch size, there are only two bellhousing in stock. It will be a month or two before the next batch are finished. Very sorry for the delay. the next batch is much bigger.

03/11/05 - Anyone interested in building / modifying wiring harnesses?
   We’re after somebody, preferably in the North Staffordshire area, who is interested on taking on the job of stripping out everything but the parts which are needed to make the engine run from Subaru harnesses. You’ll need a good knowledge of engine management and have experience of high quality harness building. Unfortunately, new harnesses for conversions can not be built from scratch, doe to the vast amount of unusual connectors which Subaru use. The old ones have to be recycled. OBD II knowledge would be a benefit too.
   If you are interested, please contact us, or if you know anyone who may be interested, please pass on the details. The work will be on an as and when basis, and would maybe suit someone who has retired, or who is looking for a bit of extra work. You would need to have the facilities for the work yourself, as we have no premises which you could do the work in.
   The work would involve receiving the entire harness from the front of a Subaru, with everything still attached, working out what is and is not required. and and making an ‘engine only’ harness. This can involve sorting out factory fitted Thatcham Cat 1 immobilisers. These can not be removed - they have to be kept intact with the rest of the engine harness. I would work with you on the first few, but I don’t have time to do this work regularly.

 Inventors of the Subaru - VW conversion bell housing using Subaru flywheel, clutch and starter

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