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OBD II Diagnostics

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Diagnostics, Error Code Reading and Data Logging:

   We have the diagnostic equipment to read and reset error codes on just about any modern car, using two systems. One is a generic diagnostic system, and the other is a specialised Subaru specific system.

Generic Diagnostics:

   Our generic error code reader will read and reset the codes from any car with OBD II diagnostics, as it supports all current OBD II diagnostic protocols (VPW, PWM, ISO, KWP 2000 and CAN). OBD II is required on all European spec cars from 2000 -->, and from 1996 in some other markets. However, some manufacturers fitted OBD II before it was a legal requirement too.


Subaru Specific Diagnostics, Data Logging and Performance Measurement:

  We have an EcuTek Delta Dash Subaru specific data logger / error code reader. This is an invaluable tool should you need to diagnose any problems when installing a Subaru engine into your VW, and will also be of interest to anyone needing problems diagnosing in their Subaru. The logger runs from inside the vehicle via a laptop, and has three basic functions:

1. Error Code Reading / Resetting
   Reading the standard OBD II diagnostic information. OBD II is an international standard for logging emissions related error codes, although many manufacturers (including Subaru) use it for logging much more than just engine related codes. The level of detail you can get from the system typically goes down to whether the fault is an open circuit, short circuit, or out of range signal for almost all parameters.

2. Data Logging
   High speed data logging (down to a 20 ms sample rate) of any engine management parameters. See the graph below. This is particularly useful for diagnosing difficult to track faults.

    High speed data logging results from a Subaru engine management ECU (click for larger image):


3. Road Dyno
   Road Dyno is a reletively new feature added to the Delta Dash software, and gives relaible, repeatable performamce information using vehicle parameters such as rpm, drag coefficient, frontal area, mass, gear ratios and tyre size.

0 - 60mph times
1/4 mile times
power and torque at the wheels
acceleration graphing
the ability to compare graphic results from multiple tests

   More details wil be added once we have more experience of using it. Assuming it accepts the massive drag factor of a camper, an interesting test will be a comparison between normal and high octane petrol.

 Inventors of the Subaru - VW conversion bell housing using Subaru flywheel, clutch and starter

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