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  • Subaru to VW Bellhousing Kits:
  • Naturally Aspirated Clutch Bellhousing Kit                         470.00

    Turbo Clutch Bellhousing Kit                                    540.00
    Turbo clutch bellhousing kits are usually in stock, but the clutch release cross shafts
    are modified on an exchange basis - send your shaft and we’ll modify it and sent it
    back with your bellhousing kit. This may take up to two weeks (usually less). Please
    check this page to make sure you have the correct type of shaft - only one type is suitable


  • Throttle Cables:
  • T25 / T3 / Vanagon Throttle Cable Kits                           40.00
      - may be suitable for many more applications


  • Engine Mounts:
  • Beetle Engine Mount Cradle - Frame Forks - Subaru Mounts           TBA

    Bay Window Crossmember                                     160.00

    Late Bay Upper Mount Kit                                      120.00

    T25 / T3 / Vanagon 2WD Crossmember                           165.00

    T25 / T3 / Vanagon Syncro Crossmember                         165.00

    T25’Short Gearbox’ Front Mount Kit                              50.00
      Moves gearbox back to position bell housing as later 4 speed and all 5 speed boxes, includes
      gearshift extension parts


  • Induction Components:
  • Throttle Body Reverser                                       70.00
      Turns the throttle body to allow the induction pipe to be fitted without fouling the bulkhead /
      petrol tank. Early engines (approx --> MY99) with idle speed control valve on manifold only.

    Induction Manifold Reversal Kit                                      95.00
      Inlet Manifold Spacers, Alternator Relocation Bracket, and fasteners
      - to suit late model (approx MY00 -->) engines with the idle speed control valve on
      the throttle body only

    Coil Reversal Bracket for reversed induction manifolds                             9.00
    on late model engines - retains standard ignition lead lengths


  • Cooling System Components

    Reversed Subaru Coolant Manifolds                              50.00
    Reverse manifolds are done on an exchange basis- send your manifold and we’ll reverse
    it and sent it back. Manifolds can usually be turned around within 10 days, or possibly
    quicker by prior arrangement

    Coolant Plumbing Kits (Naturally Aspirated)                            95.00
    Kit includes moulded hoses and brackets to suit T25’s with an RJES reversed cooant
    manifold* and a 1984 - 90 petrol header tank*, and includes all fasteners, brackets and
    hose clips
    * not included in plumbing kit

    Coolant Inlet Rotation Adaptor (may be needed to clear some ‘diy’ exhausts)       9.00



  • Subaru Flywheels

    Used Subaru Flywheels (when in stock), turbo or n/a                      55.00

    Flywheel Redrilling Service
    (turbo to n/a or vice versa)                    30.00


  • Clutch Components (all VW or Subaru OEM):

    228mm VW clutch Disc - often very hard to get without buying a                45.00
    complete clutch kit
  • 225mm Subaru Nat Asp Clutch Kits - VW disc                       140.00
    With VW 228mm clutch disc for use with standard VW input shaft

    225mm Subaru Nat Asp Clutch Kits - Subaru disc (to order)            120.00
    With standard Subaru clutdh disc for uses with Subaru splined input shaft, below

    225mm Subaru Turbo Clutch Kits - VW disc                         145.00
    With VW 228mm clutch disc for use with standard VW input shaft

    225mm Subaru Turbo Clutch Kits - Subaru disc                      125.00
    With standard Subaru clutdh disc for uses with Subaru splined input shaft, below

    Subaru Splined Gearbox Input Shaft                              190.00
    Allows use of complete Subaru clutch in an RJES bell housing - heat treated maraging steel


  • Exhaust Components:

    Cast 304 Stainless Exhaust Manifolds                             140.00
    best possible ground clearance, to suit 2” (51mm) OD 304 tube, weld in, per pair

    Mild Steel EJ Exhaust Flanges                                   16.00
    cylinder head, to suit 1 5/8” (41.5mm) OD tube, per pair          

    304 Stainless EJ Exhaust Flanges                                26.00
    cylinder head, to suit 1 5/8” (41.5mm) OD tube, per pair

    Turbo Outlet Flange                                           25.00
    TD04 type turbo, to suit 2.5” (64mm) OD tube

    Exhaust Gasket - Head to Manifold                               10.00
    These are not Subaru gaskets, but can be mate to fit with minor mods, and cost half as much, per pair


  • Fuel System Components:

    Fuel Injection Pump                                                         55.00
    Note - they are pattern parts, not Bosch originals, and are
    suitable for non turbo Subaru engines (or as stock replacements on
    injected wasserboxer engines

    High pressure fuel injection hose, 8mm bore, per metre                        3.20 / m

    Fuel injection filter
    , to suit 8mm hose                                           10.50


  • Wiring Work

    Prices for wiring work depend on many things. Please see the Harness Conversion Work Price Calculator, which will allow you to get a price for all the common wiring work involved in Subaru powered VW’s.


    Alternator Belts

    Short Alternator Belts - to suit EJ series engines with the steering pump removed      9.00


  • Electronics / Sensors

    Vehicle Speed Sensor - Threaded Cable                           45.00
    --> 1982 speedo cable with M18 x 1.5 thread. These sensors fit between the speedo and
    cable, and fit VW’s M18 x 1.5 threaded fitting properly, with no modifications needed
    (unlike some other similar sensors which are actually intended for Vauxhall / Ford Applications)

    Vehicle Speed Sensor - Push Fit Cable                             45.00
    1983 - 1990 (‘92 Syncro) fits speedo with push fit cable cable

    Speed Signal Calibrator (to order)                                70.00
    Programmable to allow very accurate adjustment of the speed signal where required, such as
    where Subaru instrumentation or cruise control is used in a different vehicle


Please click Postage or Ordering for more information on how to make an orderPlease note, we are not VAT registered, so tax can not be deducted, whether you’re an individual or business customer, in the UK or abroad. All prices subject to change without notice.

 Inventors of the Subaru - VW conversion bell housing using Subaru flywheel, clutch and starter

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