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Reversed Coolant Manifolds

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Reversed Subaru coolant outlet manifolds - see ‘Reversed Coolant Outlet Manifold’ page for more details.


Exchange Coolant Manifold Instructions:

  1.  The reversed coolant manifolds are made from you old manifold on an exchange basis. We usually have a few ready converted in stock, for a quick turn around. However, please ask to make sure if you need one in a hurry.
  2.  Please send your a manifold in the condition in which you would like it returned - i.e. clean. Thanks
  3.  A surcharge applies if your standard manifold is not supplied at the time of ordering (refundable on later receipt of your manifold).
  4.  The coolant outlet manifolds on all four cylinder Subaru engines from 1990 on are the same, with one exception. Early models have a separate tapping for the coolant temperature gauge in the dash. This is the small sensor with a 1/8” BSP thread (strange, on a Japanese engine). Later models use the signal from the ECU to drive the gauge, so don’t need the second sensor.
    You are fine using a late model manifold on an early engine, if you don’t need the standard Subaru temperature gauge. If you are fitting an aftermarket gauge, you can drill and tap the manifold boss to suit.
     If you fit an early manifold to a late engine, you will have an extra 1/8” BSP tapping. This can either be used for an aftermarket gauge, or blanked with taper thread 1/8” BSP plug, or the Subaru sensor.
    NOTE: 1/8” BSP is very similar to both M10 x 1 and 1/8” NPT - so close that they will go in for a turn or two, but the pitch is NOT the same. Using either of these will strip the thread
  5. Please remove the large sensor, with the multi pin plug, from the manifold before sending to RJES, but leave the small, single pin plug fitted (if your manifold has one). This ensures that you do not end up with the wrong ECU sensor, as there are different types, and makes sure that all early manifolds still have a sensor with them once reversed.

Thank you.

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