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Q1: Is it difficult to install a Subaru engine?

Q2:  Do you install Subaru conversions?

Q3:  Do you carry out the harness work?

Q4:  Where are you based?

Q5:  Is it possible to visit RJES?

Q6: Where are RJES components made?

Q7: Do you offer a complete kit of containing all parts for a Subaru conversion?

Q8: Do you keep the conversion parts in stock, or are they made to order?

Q9: What customer support do you offer?

Q10: Do you sell products internationally?















Q1:  Is it difficult to install a Subaru engine?

A1:  How difficult it is to install a Subaru engine conversion depends on what kind of VW you are converting. It ranges from very easy (considering you are installing an engine from a different manufacturer) for naturally aspirated engine into a T25 (2WD or Syncro), to very complex for a turbo engine into a Beetle.
  All components are designed to be as simple to install as possible - ‘bolt on’ wherever possible. The simplest conversion is the 2WD T25, the mechanical side of which can easily be handled by anyone competent enough to maintain their own VW, as long as you have the necessary equipment for removing the engine. If you are considering installing your own conversion, above all you need to be confident, and have initiative!
  For the simpler conversions, the modifications needed to the vehicle are limited to drilling a few holes, and removing a small piece of steel from the engine bay fire wall with tin snips. Other VW’s are more complex, and may involve bodywork modification, etc.


Q2:  Do you install Subaru conversions?

A2:  No, we manufacture components. However we have contacts who can do the mechanical side of the installation for you. See the ‘News’ page for details. Please contact us for details if you are interested in having the mechanical side of your conversion done.


Q3:  Do you carry out the harness work?

A3:  Yes. We carry out wiring harness conversion work, and can wire any Subaru engine from 1990 - 2004 (Legacy) or 1990 - 2007 (Impreza / Forester) for use in a VW. We are currently investigating wiring newer engines too. T25’s can be made ‘plug and play’ if required, and all our harnesses retaiun all Subaru engine management features.


A4:  Where are you based?

A4:  We’re based in Cheadle, in the Staffordshire Moorlands, ST10, UK (About 7 miles from the M6, Junction 15, and 4 miles from the A50)



Q5:  Is it possible to visit RJES?

A5:  Yes, by appointment only. Please contact us to arrange when, and to get full address details.


Q6:  Where are RJES components made?

A6:  RJES components are all manufactured in the UK


Q7: Do you offer a complete kit of containing all parts for a Subaru conversion?

A7: Due to the huge amount of combinations of different components are possible, there is no such thing as an off the shelf kit. However, our objective is to have all components in stock to put together a kit based on your own conversion spec, at least for all the more common conversions. This is now very near, with only two more components to finish development on before complete kits will be available.


Q8: Do you keep the conversion parts in stock, or are they made to order?

A8: The majority of our products are produced in batches, and we aim to have most of them in stock at all times. an uncommon parts which is not stocked, this is mentioned on the Price List page. Those not manufactured in batches are generally those made by converting parts supplied by the customer as a service (such as reversed coolant manifolds and wiring harnesses).


Q9: What customer support do you offer?

A9: Within reason, we offer unlited support by phone or e-mail. We go out of our way to be as helpful as possible, and intend to give the best Subaru conversion support in the UK.
   In a small number of cases we have answered in excess of 150 seperate e-mails/ phone calls throughout a customer’s conversion. Please not that asking questions about every step is not appreciated though! If everyone asked that many questions’s we’d never get any work done. If this sounds like you you should reconsider whether a DIY conversion is from you, or at least discuss with other customer’s on our web forum


Q10: Do you sell products internationally?

A10: Yes, shipping abroad is no problem. We regularly ship to Australia, maiunland Europe and the US. Please ask for a shipping quote.

 Inventors of the Subaru - VW conversion bell housing using Subaru flywheel, clutch and starter

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