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    The following is a list of all the parts you’ll need from a donor Subaru to do a VW conversion. The list is based on using a 1990 - 1998 naturally aspirated engine, but will be similar for later and different capacity engines. It should help you to get everything you need to avoid the hassle and delays of having to chase little bits and pieces later. If you think something is missing from the list when you do your conversion, please let us know. Thanks:


Parts Required from your Donor Subaru
This list assumes a manual transmission donor car, unless stated otherwise. See Removal of Parts From Donor Subaru page for a detailed guide to what parts to remove from the engine donor car.

    Subaru engine, complete with:

    • Compression test results, if you want to significantly increase the chances that your engine is a good one. Ask a potential supplier for them, if they don’t volunteer the info. It’s not unreasonable!
    • Mount rubbers, complete with nuts and washers to attach to crossmember
    • Flywheel - you’ll need to source one separately if an automatic donor - see Engine Conversion from Automatic Spec to Manual
    • Clutch pressure plate (if you want to re-use the clutch rather than fit a new one)
    • Clutch release bearing (if from a manual donor and you want to re-use the clutch rather than fit a new one)
    • Alternator, including wiring with alternator connectors.
    • Clutch inspection hole cover
    • A/C compressor and pipes (if required - not fitted to all Subaru's, not needed in most UK spec VW’’s) Power steering pump, fluid reservoir and pipes (if required)
    • Power steering pump bracket if pump not to be supplied (needed for alternator belt tensioner)
    • All bellhousing to engine bolts, from the same engine
    • Airflow meter
    • Induction pipe between throttle body and airflow meter
    • Engine harness
    • Lambda sensor
    • Starter Motor from a manual Subaru - preferably a direct drive one if you get a choice. Direct drive may be essential for conversions space is limited, such as a late bay.
    • Exhaust header? - optional, depending on what you intend to do with the exhaust.

    Engine ECU

    Chassis Harness from behind dash

    Cluster of three relays on a steel bracket behind the dash. One always has a green connector

    Electronic ignition module (small black box attached to the centre of the bulkhead, just above the gearbox) - not fitted to 1999 onwards models, as coils fired directly from the ECU.


      If your donor Subaru has a Transponder Key Immobiliser system, these are not removable. You must get the following parts from the same donor, as they are a matched set:

         transponder ECU
         ignition barrel antenna
         key (or the transponder chip from within the key)

      Note - If you get all of the above except the key / transponder, it is possible (although not cheap) to have a Subaru dealer program your matching ECU and immobiliser ECU to accept a new key. To do so they will need the complete engine and engine management system, fully connected up and working, plus either the VIN and registration number of the original Subaru, or the immobiliser code as supplier on metal key ring tags when the Subaru was new. Without this, the ECU and immobiliser ECU are useless. Also note that a dealer may refuse to connect his diagnostic gear to a VW, or to a pile of wires connected to an engine, which is not unreasonable!

    ...if your engine came from an automatic transmission donor car, you will also need to source the following:

      Flywheel to crank bolts (we stock these - please ask)
      Clutch pressure plate
      Manual transmission starter motor
      Cam belt guide (assuming your crank case has the tapped bosses to fit one)

 Inventors of the Subaru - VW conversion bell housing using Subaru flywheel, clutch and starter

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