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  As a design engineer (OK, and a bit of a perfectionist), fabricated and under sized flywheels, inadequate tapping hole depths, and unsealed pilot bearings are just not the sort of quality of engineering I am looking for in an engine conversion. There is probably no one adaptor plate kit which has all of these ‘features’, but there is certainly room for improvement. Some improvements have been made to the design of some of the adaptor plate kits available, but there is no way to solve their fundamental problem - the flywheel is too small.

  In my projects I aim to design to use as many standard components as possible (especially those which wear out in service), with the bespoke components made from the best materials and processes available which are also suitable for small scale production. From the responses that I have had form other interested VW modifiers, a lot of them are looking for this sort of technology too.

  Having bought a Subaru engine, but unhappy with the readily available ways to install it into my VW, I set about designing and manufacturing my own engine conversion system. Two years later, and the engine was still not installed. My original bay window bus had ‘changed into’ a late model Type 25 (Vanagon) Syncro, but I had developed my own engine conversion system for putting Subaru engines into your VW. (See the ‘Products’ pull down menu). To start with there is just the conversion bellhousing available, with many more bits and pieces half designed - to come as soon as I get a chance to finish developing them. All the parts have all been designed to work together as a system. Many may also be suitable for mixing and matching with parts from other sources too.

  The aim of this web site (as well as advertising our products) is to become a major resource for information on how to install Subaru engines into your VW. There is currently 160 pages of information on Subaru conversions on line, and more information will be added as it is available. Detailed installation instructions are included with all products, in the form of HTML files on CD. This is another area in which some other adaptor kits are seriously lacking and is an area of regular criticism on the Subaru conversion web forums.

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 Inventors of the Subaru - VW conversion bell housing using Subaru flywheel, clutch and starter

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