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RJES cast alloy sumps which give the same oil capacity as a Subaru, but the same ground clearance as a VW engine are in development. These will provide a bolt on solution to the sump ground clearance problem requiring no modifications to existing parts (including the oil pick up pipe).

  Until these are available, your options are:

  1. Put up with the standard Subaru sump - depends on your ground clearance. Not an option in lowered VW’s.
  2. Modify a Subaru Sump:
    • Chop the bottom off, and weld a flat plate over the resulting hole.
        This is extremely crude, but has been done by quite a few people. The oil capacity is significantly reduced, and they make up for some of this by over filling the oil (past the max mark on the dip stick). Various web sites say this works. However, one customer who tried this reported that every three thousand miles or so he has to replace his oil due to it having broken down as a result of running too hot. This shows as a flickering oil light, which goes away when the oil is replaced to the same dip stick level. An oil cooler is a possibility, but it is only fixing the symptoms of another problem. Far better to avoid that problem in the first place. The oil pick up tube also needs modification. NOT RECOMMENDED.
    • Add the capacity removed in height back around the sides.
        Creating a sump which has original (or higher) capacity) like the one shown below is a major fabrication job, using the top of the Subaru sump and it’s baffle. Everything else is fabricated from scratch. Oil pick up pipe modifications are also needed. This works well:
  3. Fit an alloy sump from another supplier - the only ones known to be available DO NOT fit around the standard Subaru engine mount rubbers, as they were designed for Beetle installation, where the engine is cantilevered off the gearbox only for mounting, as shown below:

 Inventors of the Subaru - VW conversion bell housing using Subaru flywheel, clutch and starter

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