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Terms and Conditions:


The following terms and conditions apply to all parts and services bought from RJES, regardless or whether specific reference is made to the terms and conditions.

The terms and conditions are to be considered accepted by the customer’s receiving of the goods or services. Any changes to the terms or conditions are only valid if confirmed in writing by RJES.

Any custom made, special or bespoke parts made for you to order, are to be paid for in full up front. Once paid for, there is no guarantee that refunds will available on cancelling such an order, as the custom work may have been started.


All parts are warranted to be complete as specified and free from defects at the point of delivery. This does not include damage or loss incurred during transit. If any defects or missing parts are found, the buyer must inform us within ten days of delivery. We will either repair or replace the damaged / missing parts at our discretion. Should any quality problems be found with our parts more than 10 days after delivery, they will be dealt with on an individual basis as long as the parts have not been used (i.e. problems found at initial fit up, more than 10 days after delivery). Use for any kind of motorsport will not be covered.


While every effort has been made to ensure that the information on the web site, or provided by RJES by any other means is accurate, we accept no responsibility for inaccuracies. We reserve the right to change prices, descriptions, specifications and details at any time.

Prices quoted for custom work or services are provisional unless previously confirmed in writing.

Use of the brand names VW, Subaru, Porsche, Mendeola, Valeo, Clutchnet, or any others, and their model and product names is for description and information only. There is no connection between RJES and the owners of any of these names. When used with reference to parts supplied by RJES, the use of these names does not imply that they are genuine original equipment manufacturer’s (OEM) parts, unless specifically stated.


RJES will not be responsible for any inconvenience, loss, or incidental or consequential damages including any direct or indirect labour, repairs, towing, medical and legal incurred by the correct or incorrect use of products sold by RJES. The products are sold as seen, with no warranty (except as stated above), as is the norm in the automotive tuning products and modification industry. This applies without consideration of the legal nature of the asserted claim; in particular it applies to compensation claims arising from impossibility of performance, delay, negligence on completion of contract, unlawful acts, or default in performance of claim.

This excludes damage caused by intention or gross negligence. Some products may be dangerous or cause injury if used incorrectly or modified. Any fitting instructions or other documentation provided by RJES are intended to be additional to information in a relevant high quality workshop manual. It is expected that the installer has read and fully understood the relevant sections of a relevant high quality workshop manual prior to fitting the RJES parts. This applies particularly to any safety instructions provided in the workshop manual.






Should components bought from RJES be used vehicles which will be used on the public highway, it is down to the purchaser to ensure that all work is carried out to a standard which meets any requirements relevant to your country or state. Some items sold may be intended for off highway use only.

Some items may affect the emissions of your vehicle. If you live in a country or state which controls the emissions of vehicles on an individual basis, it is your responsibility to make sure any modifications you do keep your vehicle within the relevant emissions control limits.

RJES accept no liability for failure to meet emissions requirements on vehicles converted using our parts.


All rights reserved. No part of this web site may be reproduced, stored, or transmitted by any means, electronic or otherwise without prior written consent of RJES. The exception is downloading of the information for your own use, as long as it is not modified, posted on a network, or used in advertising in any way.









Agreements on delivery dates must be made in writing. If it has been agreed in writing with the customer there is a cut off date after which delivery is not acceptable, then the customer is entitled to withdraw from the contract, and any moneys paid for the products or services not received will be returned to the buyer. This excludes any form of compensation, and any delays caused by unforeseeable disruption to our business, or to any suppliers or carriers or transport companies used, including acts of God.

All risk transfers to the customer (or carrier if products are sent by an insured delivery service) when dispatch takes place. All products dispatched at the customer’s cost.



No products are to be returned to RJES without prior authorisation, in the form of a return authorisation number as issued by us. Return shipping will be at the cost of the customer in all cases, unless it is due to an error on our part.


Carriers with a service trackable by the customer will be used at the customer’s request, as will insured delivery services. Complaints concerning deliveries should first be taken up with the shipping company.



The purchaser must notify complaints immediately in writing, at the latest within 10 days from receipt of the goods. Complaints concerning deliveries that arrive in a damaged state should be directed in the first instance to the freight service responsible (post, UPS, carrier, etc). If the article delivered is defective or warranted features are missing or it becomes defective within the guarantee period as a result of manufacture or material deficiencies, we will re-supply or repair according to choice. Further claims by the purchaser, regardless of the legal grounds, are excluded. In particular we do not accept


 on vehicles that are authorized for use on the public highway, the purchaser must take care that all modifications and conversions are inspected and approved in accordance with the statutory requirements. A number of the articles sold by us are intended only for competition or show vehicles and not for use on the public highway. They can, if operated within the terms of the Road Traffic Act, lead to cancellation of the operating permit. Assembly and operation therefore take place at own risk. The seller cannot accept any liability for any illegal activity of the purchaser. For this reason also no parts will be taken back

 Inventors of the Subaru - VW conversion bell housing using Subaru flywheel, clutch and starter

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