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Throttle Body Reverser (->99)

  Throttle body reverser to suit 1990 - 1999 EJ series engines. These reposition the throttle body above the coil pack (pointing towards the cam belt end of the engine) in a position which still allows the preheat pipes to be connected. This solves the problem of not being able to fit an induction pipe onth the throttle body because the engine bay fire wall is in the way in Bay window buses. They may also be of use in Beetles.  throttle body reverser02

   The reversers are fabricated from the tightest bend radius tube available for maximum fire wall clearance in Beetles and Bays. They have a built in throttle cable mount which points the cable in the right direction for the VW

   The following will need extending when fitting a throttle body reverser:

  • Throttle position sensor wiring
  • Throttle body preheat pipe
  • Canister Purge Valve pipe (if used - otherwise block fitting on throttle body)

   Note throttle body reversres are not suitable for 2000 --> models which have the idle speed control valve mounted on the throttle body. (See Induction Manifold Reversal Components for an alternative).


Note - a few people have asked for these in mild steel. However, the tubing which they are made from is only available in stainless steel, so the flanges may as well be stainless too.

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