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Throttle Cables

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Throttle Cable Kits:

   We have two throttle kits available. One is intended for Beetles, bay window and split screen busses, and the other for T25’s. Both are supplied over length, to be cut to suit the application, and come with all fittings needed. Because of their long length, both may also be suitable for all kinds of other kit car and engine conversion applications too.


T25 / T3 / Vanagon Throttle Cable Kit:

  This throttle cable kit replaces everything from the throttle pedal mechanism to the throttle body with new parts. Non of the VW or Subaru cable parts are retained, including the rigid plastic outrer throttle cable in the chassis.
   The cable is supplier over length, and with both 6mm and 8mm end fittings, which allows the one kit to suit LHD, RHD, early and late Subaru engines, and any throttle body location. The cable is set to the approximate length needed, and can then be fine tuned at the throttle body using the M8 adjusting thread.
   Eliminates the need for joins in cables, and the need to add a second return spring which is apparently often needed with joined cables on T25’s. Full length outer to replace the strange, troublesome, part rigid, part flexible T25 outer from pedal to throttle body


 They are very high spec, with the following features:

  • 2mm diameter multi strand stainless inner cable
  • PTFE / Nylon composite liner for minimal friction / good wear characteristics
  • Stainless steel outer - unique design which allows flexing around very tight radii without the section collapsing and increasing friction on the inner cable (outer diameter 7.8mm).
  • Supplied over length to suit RHD / LHD, standard / reversed inlet manifolds, or repositioned throttle bodies - cut to length on installation
  • 6mm and 8mm ‘barrel’ ends to suit different throttle cams
  • M8 adjuster at one end of the outer for fine adjustment
  • Same spec as used on the Lotus Elise and other mid engined cars such as GT40 replica’s, where the low friction and ability to bend around very tight radii without increasing friction / backlash make a difference

  You can bend these cables around a 2” radius or tighter without increasing the friction at all, and with minimal backlash increase:



Beetle / Bay Window and Split Screen Bus Throttle Cable Kit:

   Beetles, Bays and Splitties all have a steel outer conduit welded into the chassis which the throttle cable runs in, which can’t be easily replaced with a modern lined cable as the T25 outer cable can. Instead a different outer cable is used which has a small enough outer diameter to slide inside the steel tube. This small diameter outer cable is not available in stainless steel, but is both zinc plated and PVC coated. The PVC coating can be removed if required to reduce it’s diameter even further, but this is not usually necessary.
   The kit comes with all fittings needed, so no parts from the VW or Subaru cables are required, and is supplied over length to allow the one kit to suit LHD and RHD, with any throttle body location. They cables come with an 8mm fitting for the throttle body, and so may not fit 1990 - 1992 Subaru throttle bodies (which require a 6mm diameter cable fitting).

  The Beetle / Bay / Splitty cables are coming very soon - please ask if you need one before they appear on the site

 Inventors of the Subaru - VW conversion bell housing using Subaru flywheel, clutch and starter

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