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Links to other useful Subaru powered VW Sites, and relevant Subaru / VW sites:


  1. Subaru - VW Conversion Info / Components / Suppliers:
  2. Subaru Engine Information:
  3. Subaru Engine Tuning:
  4. Subaru Parts Suppliers
  5. Motorsport Engineering:
  6. T25 Tuning / Styling:
  7. Subaru OBD:
  8. General VW Sites:
  9. Magazines:
  10. Racing:
  11. Weird Stuff:
  12. Internet Services:

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1. Subaru - VW Conversion Info / Components / Suppliers:

  • Subaruvanagon Yahoo Group - the best online Subaru conversion resource. Limited to T25’s (very strictly moderated) - over 2,500 members - US based but lots of input from the UK and Australia too
  • Club 80-90 - Very good UK based general T25 resource - good sections on engine conversions and Syncro’s, forums, and much more
  • Turbovans - Very nice US Subaru conversions
  • - Tom Shiels’ very good conversion details, all properly engineered and tested - good info on cooling circuits for cold climates - Canadian
  • Ricola Racing - Subaru turbo powered Speedster, new Impreza RA powered 1303 cabrio project with Porsche G50 & brakes, and many other interesting projects
  • URABRS - Subaru Powered Vanagon site. An online documentation of two brothers’ converted Vanagons
  • Subdriven - Vanagon WRX - Article on an awesome WRX Powered Vanagon - the first one done?
  • Tactical Bus - Technical VW bus information INCLUDING LEGACY WIRING DIAGRAMS
  • - no idea whether this site is any good, but they list a lot of Subaru wiring diagrams, which you can apparently buy for $4 each
  • Subaru EJ20 Turbo RA engine swap - into another Subaru, not a VW, but an interesting site
  • VW Engine Swap Forum - Subaru engine conversion forum
  • Suby Notch - a cool US Subaru WRX powered Notchback running a Megasquirt ‘DIY’ engine management system
  • Bugaru - Neat EJ22 (?) powered Beetle pictures
  • Australian WRX STi Beetle with G50 - in progress, including fairly detailed photo’s
  • WRX Powered Vanagon - super neat install
  • Subbug Yahoo Group - A group dedicated to Subaru powered buggys
  • Custom Vee Dub - Australian supplier of many Subaru powered VW components, formerly known as Custom Off Road
  • VWKD - UK watercooled conversions for rear enginedVW’s forum. Lots of interesting projects in discussion. Please support - it’s a relatively new forum, set up to avoid the whinging from air cooled lovers on some of the well known UK general VW forums. Sounds like a good idea!
  • WRX bay overtaking a Ferrari at 200 kph on autobahn! Anybody know any more about this bus?
  • Saker Cars Australia - interesting Subaru powered GT car, and also the parts to make a 4WD Subaru transmission into a 2WD transaxle (for mid, not rear engined use)
  • Volks Swap - VW engine conversion forum, with lots of info on Subaru (and other) conversions
  • VW1302RSi - Very nice 2.5 SOHC powered 1302 from New Zealand. Lots of pictures of the a very neat conversion in progress, especially the cooling system.
  • Subaru turbo VW 412 project - a few youtube video clips of an interesting looking Belgian conversion

2. Subaru Engine Information:

  • Subaru Information - Subaru history & general info direct from Subaru themselves. Very interesting, particularly the ‘Mechanical Parts’ pages, which are surprisingly technical.
  • NASIOC - North American Subaru Impreza Owners Club - good technical and general information on tuning Subaru’s & engine swaps, etc.
  • Subdriven - US Subaru enthusiasts site
  • Subaru Diesel? - info on the forthcoming all alloy flat four from Subaru (and Saab - it’s a joint project). Anyone got any more info on this? - if so please e-mail. Thanks
  • 90 - 94 Legacy wiring & diagnostics - ecu pinouts, simple diy diagnistics, turbo plumbing, etc
  • 3.0 H6 Powered Impreza - details of the work involved in the conversion


3. Subaru Engine Tuning:

  • Megasquirt Engine Management - open format / DIY engine managment systems for a fraction of the cost of ‘brand name’ products, yet with comparable functionality
  • Outback Motors - Subaru sand rails. US / Australian style ‘hot rod’ tuning. Tuned Subaru engines and a bellhousing for the Mendeola MD4S race transaxle
  • C&G Performance - US /Australian style ‘hot rod’ Subaru tuning, mainly for sand rails, but relevant to VW conversions
  • Graham Goode Motorsport - European / Japanese style tuning for rally / road use
  • Subaru ECU Remapping - ECUTEK, still the only company to suss out how to remap OEM Subaru ECU’s?
  • DTA Engine Management - Programable management systems
  • Megasquirt - do - it - yourself programable engine management for bargain prices. Note there are lots of other Megasquirt sites too


4. Subaru Parts Suppliers:

    If you have any good suppliers of Subaru components or engines - especially if they also supplied you with the all the relevant electrical components needed, please let us know. Thanks

    If you are looking to buy an engine with all the parts you need, see this page for an Subaru parts list for the conversion

  • Grade A Subaru - Subaru Breakers. Able to remove the relevant electrical components for a conversion complete and without damage, and supply them to you on a pallet. Manchester / Stockport area.
  • Import Car Parts - Suppliers of used (and some new) Subaru components. County Durham
  • SMR Auto Services - Subaru breakers. Not dealt with SMR myself yet, but they certainly know their stuff, and remove the harnesses intact. Near Malvern, Worcestershire


5. Motorsport Engineering:


6. T25 Tuning / Styling:


7. Subaru OBD:

  • - OBD II and pre OBD II diagnostic code information
  • Subaru Datalogging - ECUTEK DeltaDash Real time Subaru data acquisition. Log & graph any Subaru engine parameters, read error codes, etc.


8. General VW Sites:

  • Inwestygator - good source of buses and parts, especially from high spec models not sold in the UK (MultiVan, Carat, etc.) - direct from Germany
  • Creative Engineering - Very well engineered VW bus parts. Mainly for splitties, but quality stuff!
  • Aussieveedubbers - General Australian VW site, featuring lots of conversions & lots of unusual stuff - those Aussies know how to modify cars!
  • Just Kampers - A vide range of service and restoration parts for VW campers & buses from 1952 - 2004
  • Alan Schofield - The UK’s largest (?) range of bus restoration parts, especially panels
  • VW Heritage - A massive range of all types of parts for all air cooled VW’s and T25’s (air and water cooled)
  • Street Style and Power - the performance parts division of VW Heritage
  • Shop Talk Forums - one of the best technical VW forums. Very little rubbish on here - just useful stuff. Highly recommended. Quite a bit of engine conversion info too.
  • - Syncro parts suppliers links page
  • Stoke / Staffs V Dub Club - meet at Darlaston inn, Meaford, A34, just north of Stone, Staffs
  • Volkstorque - Midlands based VW forum. Lots of info - especially about clubs, meetins, local events, cruises, etc.


9. Magazines:


10. Racing:

  • Racetaxi (Ratataksi)- Follow the progress of this mad Finnish project, building a serious six seater track day racer from a T25 Multivan, with a tuned Subaru turbo engine. The body will be extensively lightened with an FIA spec roll cage. The bus will also remain road legal - a major challenge in Finland, as modifications such as this have to go through a strict evaluation before they are allowed. The guys building it have experience building and circuit racing in many different types of cars, and intend to try drifting in it too!
  • VWDRC - Volkswagen Drag Racing Club. Check out the AE class (alternate engine) - the most widely used type of engine is Subaru
  • Street Subaru / Cosworth Record - It seems the record for a street class Subaru is ’ a 9.2 ET. How cool would it be to beat all that technology with a Subaru powered VW? - it must be possible
  • Eurodragster - Latest European drag racing news


11. Weird Stuff:

  • 280 bhp Subaru Powered Amphibious Corvette - like Car - Fancy an amphibious car powerful enough to water ski behind? - Probably not, but it’s interesting stuff, or a nice toy for the rich! Looks to be very high build quality
  • Oddball Imports - All kinds of strange hot rod inspired accessories for your VW (or rod), and lots of cool T shirts, etc


12. Internet Services:

  • 1 and 1 - Web hosting & domain registration. The World’s largest web host (about 3,000,000 sites), and some of the best prices too. All but their most basic package come with 400 worth of bundled software, for just 4 (P&P). My previous experience of ‘free’ software led me to expect it to be rubbish, but it’s far from it. I created this site from scratch with no prior experience, almost exclusively with software from the 1 and 1 package. It’s very intuitive and easy to use, especially NetObjects Fusion 8 and U-Lead Photoimpact XL SE. The 1 and 1 specific features couldn’t be easier to set up. Highly recommended!

 Inventors of the Subaru - VW conversion bell housing using Subaru flywheel, clutch and starter

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