Back in 2002 we invented the Subaru engine into VW bell housing after not being happy with the quality of any of the other products which were available at the time. 20 years later, and many of those same competitors products are still available, plus some new ones. All are still a compromise in terms of either the concept and / or the engineering detail, with many clearly not having had a competent design engineer anywhere near them. Why buy them when you can do the job properly, using professionally engineered products designed to use the right clutch and starter hardware for the job? In many cases you can do so more economically, even with shipping costs included of you are abroad.

If you’re looking for products to install Subaru engines into VW’s which have been continuously developed by professional engineers for over 20 years, you’re at the right place.

Better value and better quality than a lot of competitors’ products

Being charged or quoted £500 or more for an adaptor plate / flywheel kit, or well over $600 USD for a different bell housing kit to join a Subaru engine to your VW bus gearbox? If so, you may be paying too much, in many cases for inferior products.
Our Bell Housing Kits start at £468.33 British Pounds, GBP (£562 including VAT of you’re in the UK) plus shipping. If you are not in the UK, taxes may apply on import to your country, but our bell housing kits can still work out better value after shipping. As an example, shipping a bell housing kit to Europe typically costs around £20-£25, or to the US typically around £55-60. See here for how to order, or here for how to pay

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