Cam Belt Guide

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MY98 Onwards Manual EJ Series Additional Cam Belt Guide

In MY98 Subaru started fitting an additional cam belt guide to EJ series engines, but only for manual transmission applications. If you are using the engine from an automatic MY98 onwards in a manual VW conversion (or to an earlier engine if you are also fitting a new oil pump – see below), you should fitt his guide too if your objective is to do the job properly.

The new guide mounted to new bosses on revised oil pump design, as shown by the arrows below (pump not included!). Therefore you can’t fit one to an earlier engine unless you also swap the oil pump for the later design:

Cam Belt Guide Mounting Bosses, added to all EJ series from MY98

The screw holes in the cam belt guides are oversized for the include M6 screws. This is because the guide is to be installed after the timing belt, and adjusted so it is 1mm away from the back of the belt. Plastic cools are available for this, but are nor really necessary. Just fold paper until it is 1mm thick, and use it as a spacer while tightening the bolts.

Alternator Belt – no power steering

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When removing the power steering pump from any EJ series engine for use in a VW without hydraulic power steering, you need a shorter belt, as it then only has to go around 2 pulleys instead of 3.

Short Alternator Belt – EJ Series Without Hydraulic Power Steering

Steel EJ Series Breather Cover Kit

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The earliest EJ series engines, from MY90 to about MY92 had cast aluminium breather covers, which were trouble free. Then they ‘cost saved’ the design by switching to plastic covers with metal inserts where the screws are. By the late ’90’s it was well known in the Subaru world that the plastic covers crack and leak. They’re right next to the crank oil seal, between the flywheel / drive plate and the block, so the resulting oil leak looks very much like an oil seal failure to those not familiar with these engines. It almost never is. In around MY02 Subaru eventually fixed the problem they’d created 10 years earlier by switching to a steel cover. These used to be rather over priced for the simple design that they are, so we made our own.

Steel EJ Series Breather Cover

Exhaust Flanges – 8mm 304 stainless Steel for 42mm / 1 5/8″ tube

part no. 800-00047 Price £25.00 GBP + VAT (£30) per pair

304 Stainless Steel EJ Series Exhaust Flanges