part no. 800-00027 – For use with manual Subaru donor engines (includes crank bolt spreader washer *) Price £310.83 GBP +VAT (£373.00)

part no. 800-00072 – For use with auto Subaru donor engines (doesn’t include crank bolt spreader washer * – you must use the one from your Subaru automatic engine) Price £302.50 GBP +VAT (£363.00)

The automatic transaxles used in rear engined VW models do not have removable bell housings. An iron casting houses the torque converter and final drive. However because they use a considerably more powerful starter motor than the manual version, and don’t have a clutch, the inherent problems with manual VW Subaru adaptor plate kits don’t apply to autos. This is very convenient, as an adaptor plate is the only practical way to join any alternative engine to a VW auto transaxle.

As far as we could see, back in around all 2011 other automatic adaptor plate kits required modification of the VW auto transaxle, without good reason. More than likely their manufacturers do it that way to keep parts common with their manual adaptor plate kits. With a bit more thought modifying the VW auto gearbox simply isn’t necessary, and that’s why we designed ours. The kit includes everything you need to join any of the above engines to the VW transaxles as long as you have the VW starter motor and torque converter *.

* Note the option for this kit with and without the spreader washer for the 8 crank bolts. If your Subaru engine is from an automatic mode, and it still has it’s torque converter drive plate attached, you already have the original Subaru spreader washer, so don’t need another in this kit. If your donor engine is from a manual Subaru it won’t have the washer, so you should buy the kit which includes it unless you have one from another Subaru. This washer is critical, so don’t miss it out,