In a Beetle or a bay window bus (T2a, T2b), although the flywheel end of the EJ series engines fit into the engine compartment, there is not enough space to get an induction hose onto the throttle body, as firewall is in the way. People used to chop the bodywork around to try to make more space, which is a total mess, and not necessary. The far neater solution is to use a throttle body reverser kit. This relocated the throttle body to above the manifold plenum, where rthere is plenty of space in these models. We make throttle body reverser kits for all of the EJ series cable throttle engines:

Throttle Body Reverser Kit – Phase I EJ Series Normally Aspirated Engines (part no. 800-00029)

Price: £104.17 GBP + VAT (£125.00)

The Phase I EJ series engines all have their idle speed control valves mounted on the inlet manifold not the throttle body. In European normally aspirated model Subaru’s the Phase I engines were used in all MY90-99 models with EJ series engines (except the Forester only EJ202).
This kit suits every normally aspirated EJ series engine with multi point fuel injection except the MY97 – 01 Forester (only) EJ202.

As well as the throttle body reverser, this kit contains gaskets and fasteners, plus all the parts needed to relocate the throttle body, attach and support the airflow meter, plumb the idle speed control valve, plumb all breathers (rocker covers and crank case), and plumb the throttle body pre-heat coolant.

Designed for use with our stainless steel throttle cable kits, but may work with others if their length is variable.

To wire the relocated throttle position sensor on the Phase I engines when this kit is fitted you don’t need to extend any wiring. You just need to move the branch out point of the wiring for the throttle position sensor along the harness by unwrapping some of the tape, moving the branch out, and taping the conduit

This kit re-uses these hose from your Phase I breather system:

Re-use these Subaru Phase I breather parts with this kit

If you’re shopping around with other UK companies, compare this kit with the other UK company making these who bought ours to copy (the last time we’re ever doing business with them). They try to sell just the throttle body reverser, bolts and gaskets for more money! These folks couldn’t come up with anything original and well engineered if they tried. Everything they do is based on attempting to copy the work of others or Scrapheap Challenge type ‘engineering, ‘hidden’ with shiny paint and talking the talk. They’re not from an engineering background, and it shows.

Throttle Body Reverser Kit – Phase II EJ Series Normally Aspirated Cable Throttle Engines (part no. 800-00031)

Price: £79.17 GBP + VAT (£95.00)

Fits all the Phase II cable throttle EJ series engines, including the one with air assist injection. In European normally aspirated model Subaru’s the Phase II EJ series engines were used in all MY00 onwards models
This kit suits every normally aspirated Phase II EJ series engine with a cable throttle, (plus also the MY97 – 01 Forester (only) EJ202 – the model with the ECU mounted on the engine).

Designed for the Phase II normally aspirated cable throttle engines without airflow meters. Also fits the MY97 – 01 Forester EJ202 engine which has the ECU mounted on the engine. Where and how the breathers and PCV valve plumb into the induction on these engines is not as critical as it is on those with airflow meters. Plumb (both) rocker cover breathers and into the induction between the air filter and throttle body. Also plumb the tee piece between the crank case breather and the PCV valve into the induction between the air filter and throttle body, but downstream of where the rocker cover breathers join.
Those who don’t understand how the PCV and breather system work often rip all of it off and fit little breather filters on all, letting them breather to the atmosphere. Fine if it’s an amateur DIY one off, but businesses in the UK routinely do that too – they should know better. Another good example of how little understanding of the systems they’re working on some of them have.
This kit does not fit any of the electronic, or ‘drive by wire’ throttle engines.