This is not an online shop. See below for more information on ordering:

No. We only sell direct. The reason for this is that no reseller will put as much effort into ensuring that their customers buy the correct products for their projects as we do. Neither will they have the depth of knowledge to sort out what the problem is when a customer manages to buy the wrong part, so the support for that mis-sale will still come back to us. Selecting the right combination of parts for any spec of Subaru conversion is far more complex than most people realise, and we prefer to build a bespoke parts list for every customers’ project. That means they don’t need any understanding of exactly which conversion specs each component is suitable for, and we get almost no products returned because a customer bough the wrong thing.
We ship worldwide, and try to keep all products in stock.

Yes, by prior arrangement only. We can often accommodate collection outside normal working hours as long as it is arranged in advance. Many products are not available if you just call in, as they are assembled to order.

You can, but since the UK left the EU it is no longer possible for to purchase without tax while visiting the UK. Tax free sales are now only possible exported when by the seller, not the customer. If you had planned to collect while visiting the UK from Europe, you may find that this makes it better value to have the parts shipped to you. (i.e. the shipping may cost less than the tax saving which you would have previously made by collecting while in the UK).

No, sorry. We only accept payment in British Pounds (GBP) . This is no problem with most common payment methods – you can enter the amount to be paid in GBP, and the equivalent in you local currency and the exchange rate used for the calculation are shown.

Paying from UK, Europe and Australia:

  • Preferred: Bank Transfer (all details needed are on every invoice)
  • Cash (if collecting your order)

Paying from USA, Canada or elsewhere:

  • (formerly TransferWise). Wise is very good value, much cheaper and faster than banks. See below for how to pay with Wise
  • Paypal see below for how to pay with Paypal
  • Bank Transfer (all details needed are on every invoice). Slow and expensive for smaller orders, can be economical on large orders.

Sorry, paying by any kind of bank card is not possible.

How to pay from abroad – via Paypal:

1. Once you’ve received your invoice from us, please send us your Paupal e-mail address, and we’ll send you a payment request. This makes payment very easy – you get an e-mail detailing the payment request.
2. Log in to your Paypal account and view the payment request. You’ll see the total in British Pounds (GBP) and in your currency (Paypal does all the calculations for you and just shows the results)
3.Double check the details
4. If everything looks correct, click OK a couple of times, and the payment is made.
Sorry, we don’t accept Paypal payments which are just sent to us without having previously sent a payment request to you.

How to pay from abroad – via (formerly TransferWise):

1. Once you’ve received your invoice from us, log in to your account.
2. Click ‘Send Money’
3. In the top box, make sure your local currency is selected
4. In the bottom box, select GBP as the currency
5. Enter the total from your invoice into the ‘Recipient will get exactly’ box
6. Click ‘Continue’
7. Select ‘Someone Else’ as the recipient
8. Enter our e-mail address and bank details from the invoice
8. Click Confirm
10. Review all details
11. Click ‘Confirm and Continue’
12. Select your choice of payment method
13. Click ‘Confirm;, and your payment is made

Click here for a video explanation of Wise payments.

How to pay from abroad – via bank transfer:

The exact method will depend on your bank. Some now allow you to send international payments from your online banking, others don’t, and require you to visit a bank branch. All of our invoices have all of the details (IBAN account number, bank address, etc) that you will need at the bottom. International bank transfer can be very slow and very expensive.

We’ll invoice you once the order is finalised and the shipping is agreed if required. All necessary details for preferred payment methods are in every invoice.

Sorry, no. However, we do offer a discount for wholesale customers when ordering 10 or more of a product.

All orders from customers abroad are sent “Delivery Duty Unpaid” (DDU). This means you pay no UK taxes. All taxes, duty and any handling fees are payable by the customer on or before delivery at their local rates. How this works depends on the tax rules in your country:

Europe – you pay your countries local VAT rate, plus any customs duty (determined by the types of item(s) being shipped,and any handling fees (typically charged by the delivering parcel courier company). They apply to the total value of the goods and shipping. Customs duty on car parts is typically in the low single digits %.

European VAT registered businesses customers – we make the invoice with no VAT on goods or shipping, and you account for the VAT at your local rate in your accounts. Please include your EORI number when placing the order.

For the US, the taxes on imports vary by state. Apparently the system for charging taxes on Imports exists in all states, but how they apply this is inconsistent. Some states apparently charge on most or all imports above a certain value (much like Europe), but many or even most apparently choose not to charge them at all. Apparently president Trump planned to make this consistent, charging import taxed on pretty much all imports, but never did? Sorry, we don’t have detailed info about how import taxes apply in each state. If you have more info that we could add here, it’s be much appreciated of you could send it to us (as long as it’s concise!). When we have asked US customers in the past about any taxes they had to pay, very few paid anything.

Sorry, no. Despite that being common in some countries (e.g. China), that’s illegal here. It’s also virtually impossible due to the way the invoicing and shipping paperwork works – the shipping paperwork has to be fully itemised, and has to match your invoice. Your shipping paperwork will always show the correct value of all products and services.

Yes. A significant proportion of our business is abroad. We can ship to any country covered by the major international courier companies. Shipping is priced individually, as an almost infinite amount of variation in parcel size and weight is possible.

Yes, with one exception – our under floor bay window / split screen bus radiator systems are collection only, due to them having got damaged in shipping too many times. Even in bespoke packaging (they large and very heavy), they have got badly damaged, sometimes without damaging the packaging. Not sure how.

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