If a list of every product we do which suits your exact spec of engine conversion project with current prices would be useful, please let us know the following:

  • What country you are in
  • What model VW you are installing the engine into
  • What market the VW was built in (Germany, South America, South Africa)
  • What model year the VW is
  • Whether the VW is manual or automatic
  • What engine the VW currently has (or originally had if it currently has no engine)
  • If the Subaru was built for the Japanese or US market
  • What Subaru model your engine is from
  • What model year is the Subaru
  • Whether the engine is from a manual of automatic Subaru

If your enquiry is about placing an order and you will need it posting to you, please include your delivery address.
For all orders which ship as parcels (i.e. not small packets sent via the post), we also need a telephone number for your delivery address to be able to book the shipping.