Excluding the limited number of products which we just retail, and some of the parts we use such as wiring harness connectors, almost everything which we designed is made in the UK.

One works to such an incredibly low standard that there is no way we could possibly work with them. See here for a lot more information about this.
We used to supply another two until it (quickly) became apparent that they were only buying products to try to copy them. One of them even used to market their work as being a copy of ours. This is clear if you look at some of them – clearly direct copies of our designs, some of which they try to sell for more money than our originals, with far less parts. Some ‘specialists’ couldn’t come up with anything original if they tried.
Everything we make we design from scratch, with virtually no influence from what anyone else makes. Copying the work of others is of no interest to us – just doing the job right.

No, but…….

We’re an engineering company, not a garage. Installing an engine conversion is a job for a specialist garage with experience of the job. If you are looking for someone in the UK to do your installation work who knows the conversions using out products inside out, and who we’re happy to recommend, try:

J’s Garage, Llanbadarn Industrial Estate, Llanbadarn Fawr, Aberystwyth SY23 3RJ
Jamie Lockyer, Tel. 01970 626999

If you’re paying them by the hour, this probably isn’t a good idea. You’ll be paying them for all the time they’ll spend learning about what they’re doing, which a specialist will already know. Also, regardless of their prior experience and how good they are, the chances of them missing some detail because they’re not familiar with the conversion will be considerably higher than it will be with someone who has installed may identical or near identical conversions before.