Subaru used many different types of lambda sensors, in terms of functional interchangeability (i.e. sensor type, connector type and connector pinout). Typically there are then many part numbers for each type, as they were usually used with various cable lengths or different cable protection, etc. The table below shows most of the sensor types used on the most commonly used Subaru engines in VW conversions, and some examples of Subaru part numbers for them:

Subaru Lambda / O2 / Oxygen Sensor Usage, Part  Numbers and Connector Types 
Lambda / O2 Connectors:Use:Sensor 
SensorMain HarnessFrom:To:In:As:WiresSubaru part numbers 
NoneNoneMY90MY92Some, but not all of the earliest EJ series N-A Legacy models0 
 MY90MY99All Phase I turbo, all MY93-99 N-A models except EJ202 ForesterPrimary (only)322690AA360 (turbo),           22690 AA370, 22690 AA161, 22690 AA090, 22690 AA150, 22690 AA160, 22690 AA161, 22690 AA170, 22690 AA180, 22690 AA190, 22690 AA270, 22690 AA330 
 MY00MY01All OBD I MY00-01 EJ201 and EJ251Primary (OBD I, only)322690 AA321 
 MY01MY07OBD II MY01-07Secondary (OBD II, downstream)422690 AA640, 22641 AA211, 22641 AA32A, 22641 AA450, 22641 AA490 
 MY97MY01EJ202 Forester ‘ECU on engine’ OBD IPrimary (OBD I, only)3  
 MY02MY07EJ201 / EJ251 OBD II with EGRPrimary / upstream (OBD II)422611 AA140 22641 AA230 22641 AA280 22641 AA381 22641 AA480 
 MY00MY03EZ30D sensor (1)Secondary / downstream422690 AA570 
 MY00MY03EZ30D sensors (2), Various turboPrimary / upstream EZ30D, 2 sensors, one for each cyl bank422641 AA042 (turbo), 22641AA160 (EZ30D) 
 MY01MY07EJ201 / EJ205 without EGRWideband. Primary / upstream 622641 AA080, 22641 AA01A 
 MY01MY07Lambda sensor adaptor harness connector. SeePrimary / upstream, some (not all) MY01-07 EJ201 / EJ251 models without EGR6 
 MY00MY03Lambda extension / gearbox harnessEZ30D secondary / downstream5 
 MY01MY07Lambda sensor splitter harness connector. SeeSome (not all) EJ201 / EJ251 models without EGR10 

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Note 1: All usage data listed above is for European / ‘rest or world’ spec Subaru models – i.e. specifically not for Japanese and US spec models. Many of them will use the same connectrs, but not vecessarily in the same applications and model years due to the US and Japanese models being built to emissions requirements not used elsewhere.

Note 2: Whether a Subaru engine is OBD I or OMD II is not determined by the presence of the SAE J1962 type A diagnostic connector widely referred to (incorrectly) as an ‘OBD II connector’. This many OBD I models from MY98 – MY01 

Note 3: There will be many more Subaru part numbers for sensors which are functionally the same, but have different wire lengths, etc.

Note 4: This list is not complete. It shows most sensors for the more commonly used engines in VW conversions, but there are others not included too (e.g. various MY00 onwards turbo models). This info is intended to help you to identify the sensor your engine uses. If using it to buy a sensor, double check the sensor is correct against other data before ordering it.