Manual VW T25 / T3 / Vanagon VW Inline 4 (GTi, TDi) Conversion Stainless Throttle Cable Kit (part no. 800-00070)

Price £45.00 GBP +VAT (£54.00)

We’re no experts on any of the VW inline engines that are regularly transplanted into VW’s, apart from knowing that we regularly sell throttle cable kits, speed sensors, rev counter interfaces, pedal switches / switch brackets, etc to customers doing them. This means we’ve learned a bit about these engines requirements for these products. With the throttle cables, the main thing learned is that there is no one cable spec that suits all of these engines when fitted to the most common recipient – the T25 / T3 / Vanagon. After selling many variants, as chosen by the customers, we know what cable specs are used, but not which engines use them. As the variations in the cable specs are small and to keep things simple, we’ve decided to do a ‘one cable kit suits all the common inline VW engines’ kit for them, by including a few extra parts.

  • Suits any of the commonly used VAG inline engines which are transplanted into the manual T25 / T3 / Vanagon models
  • Fits 2wd or Syncro, LHD or RHD, with the throttle body in just about any location in the engine compartment
  • 8mm, 13mm or 16mm engine end Bowden tube mounting
  • If you’re doing a GTi or TDi conversion, the following products may also be of interest:
    Vehicle Speed Sensors (to suit every rear engined VW model)
    Rev counter interface (to enable the VW ECU to drive a petrol T25/T3/Vanagon rev counter)
    Brake / clutch pedal switch kits (required for the ‘drive by wire’ throttle system to work safely)
    …..all of which were originally designed for Subaru engine conversions, but are either equally suited to inline VW conversions, or we do other versions with different spec outputs (speed sensors) to suit inline VW conversion applications.

RHD Converted Danbury Type 1 Engined Brazilian Bay Window / T2c Bus One Piece Stainless Throttle Cable Kit (part no. 800-00028)

Price: £45.00 GBP +VAT (£54.00)

When Danbury converted imported Brazilian type 1 engined T2c models to RHD in the UK, they did a particularly awful job of the throttle cable. They kept the original LHD cable, and added a new cable to the front of it, in a ‘S’ shape across the the RHD pedal location. These seem to be notorious for being trouble among the owners community ( ), and this is hardly surprising when you see how it was done and the quality of the components used. Very much like what never works reliably long term in badly done Subaru engine conversions.

When we were asked whether we could develop a version of our cable kits for Subaru conversions to replace both cables in them, the original answer was no, having no knowledge of them or access to one. However, the guy doing the asking was prepared to help with that as he had access to one at the time (thanks Aidan). It turned out that we could make a far better cable kit for them entirely from components we already made for other applications, just in a unique combination. This is the result:

  • Replaces both the original VW LHD cable and the Danbury RHD conversion cable
  • Doesn’t use the original steel chassis conduit
  • One piece inner cable from the pedal lever to the carburettor
  • One piece Bowden tube from the pedal chassis bracket to the fan housing tube
  • Supplied over length, so you can route it however you like
  • The same highs spec, thicker then standard stainless steel cable as all our other throttle cable kits use

All of our stainless steel throttle / accelerator cable kits use thicker cable than the plated steel cable that VW used. They’re all supplied over length, to be cut to suit the customers application. This means they can reach a throttle body in just about any location in the engine compartment. They also use higher quality Bowden tube than VW used, meaning they can be bent around tighter radii or for bigger angles in applications which require it (thi would not usually be necessary). This makes them very adaptable for applications other than what they were originally intended for, and we’ve had customers use them for many different VW engine conversions. Also, because the cables for rear engined VW buses are longer than just about any other application, we’ve sold quite a few to customers who need need a high spec cable for far more obscure applications, including GT40 replicas, bespoke 4wd off roaders and Honda engine converted Lotus Elise’s.

We frequently get feedback from customers who can’t believe how amazing our cables are, or words to that effect. They’re not amazing or anything special, just properly engineered products for the job. The excessively positive feedback is because they’re often bought by customers who are having problems with a cable arrangement which can’t work properly, and often they don’t realise how bad what they’ve been trying to put up with is.

These cables are in a different league when it comes to their quality compared to those sold by some competitors for more money, or lower spec such as not stainless steel for similar money,