Price: £26.67 GBP +VAT (£32.00) as a kit for you to install

A module which converts the rev counter / tachometer signal from a Subaru or VW (inline 4 TDi, GTi, etc) engine management ECU into what an older design of petrol rev counter (e.g. the OEM VW T25 / T3 / Vanagon rev counter) which was only designed to be connected to the coil negative terminal expects to see.

This module has the major advantage over many older methods that it doesn’t require dismantling or sometimes even removing the VW dash instruments – you just wire this module inline anywhere between the ECU ans the rev counter, and it converts the signal. Many older methods involved modifying the circuit inside the VW rev counter, but this unavoidably means disturbing the dreaded (very fragile, and largely unrepairable / unavailable) flexible blue instrument cluster circuit board. If you have an original petrol rev counter dash, they’ve very sought after now (especially in the UK, where the MPH version was very rare new*), so if the original flexible circuit bard works, disturbing it is not a good idea. No recalibration of the rev counter is needed if the engine you’re using has 4 cylinders – you just wire the module in and the rev counter works and reads correctly.

The modules are available separately for DIY or 3rd party installation, or they come ready installed if purchased at the same time as we’re doing the engine management wiring work for your Subaru engine conversion. If we’re doing your engine management wiring work and you don’t currently have a rev counter dash, but plan to fit one later, we can add all the wiring for the rev counter interface, and either supply the interface at the time, or later when yon need it. It’ll be 100% ‘plug and play’ if your VW is Be sure to let us know that this is what you want at the time though, otherwise the necessary wiring will non be included.

If installing DIY, the connoctions required are as follows:

  • Signal in from ECU
  • Signal out to instrument cluster
  • 0V / ground / negative
  • Ignition switched, fused positive supply

We designed this interface specifically for the petrol T25 / T3 / Vanagon rev counters after previously using a similar product from elsewhere but not being happy with it. They are also suitable for other applications. See Rev Counters for VW’s with Subaru Engines for more information.

*Most T25 / T3 / Vanagon models sold new into the UK were not high spec campers and buses which came with rev counters as they were in the US and Germany, but very low spec commercial vehicles which very rarely had rev counters.