Price: £32.50 GBP +VAT (£39.00)

This shaft uniquely allows the (long obsolete) petrol arm to be fitted in the diesel arm location and vice versa.

We designed this shaft after getting fed up with the high price of the genuine VW shafts (given that they are known to sometimes suffer from weld failures) and terrible quality of the two aftermarket versions sold under the same part number by the likes of JP Group (one is OK-ish, but not great quality, the other isn’t remotely close to being fit for purpose – for multiple reasons often on the same part, but you never know which will arrive). As well as giving us control over the quality, making them ourselves also meant we could add in the feature mentioned above, so either type of arm can be used in either application.

Suitable for all relevant VW applications, and Subaru engine conversions using out bell housing kits 800-00001 and 800-00051

Designed for use with the stock VW clutch release shaft bush or our equivalent. Not suitable for use with Oilite (sintered bronze) pr polyurethane aftermarket equivalents.

Important Note: These shafts have 6 splines instead of the standard 4. This enables diesel clutch release arms to be used in the petrol location and vice versa when required – something which is not possible with standard VW parts. It also means you have to be careful to select the correct position during intsallation. See Clutch release shaft arm positions on our clutch release shafts for more information.